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Optomate Touch: API

The Optomate API integrates with the latest Optomate Touch Series to ensure your data is accessed in a secure manner. It’s a RESTful service that runs on your Optomate Server allowing you to choose what data you wish to expose to third parties. If you utilise any third party software product that requires read and/or write access to your Optomate Touch database, the other party must utilise the API to do so.

The latest API is compatible with Optomate Touch Release 2.6 & Microsoft .Net Framework 4.8. The API may work with earlier versions of Optomate Touch although recent functionality may not be supported.

You can download the latest API documentation from HERE (Release 2.11.5 – 05/04/2024).

The latest API installers are below.

Optomate Touch x64 API
Optomate Touch Hosted x86 API

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