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Optomate Touch: Monkey Web Services (MWS)

The Monkey Web Services platform (or “MWS”) is our Microsoft Azure “Platform as a Service” hosting a number of cloud applications utilised by the latest Optomate Touch Series.

Your patient information is the foundation of your practice so keeping it safe is our top priority. This is one of the reasons we chose to use the Microsoft Azure platform, to provide the highest level of data integrity, security and data privacy compliance. MWS utilises various Azure security tools, Optomate Touch connects via an RSA encrypted token & a custom MWS token is used for public calls utilising an AES encrypted token.

While trusting someone else can be unnerving, with Monkey Software you can always count on an exceptional level of protection, recovery and accessibility when it comes to your practice data. We don’t take this lightly, which is why you remain the owner and are the only one with access to your data – it is never shared with anyone else.

The MWS platform is the foundation for the next generation Optomate.Net cloud solution and currently hosts the following modules.

  • Australian Postcodes.

  • Medicare Benefit Schedule.

  • Frames, Sunglasses, Spectacle Lenses, Contact Lenses, Solutions & Miscellaneous Items.

  • Items Categories, Frame Materials & Constructions.

  • Some Spectacle & Contact Lens Ordering data.

  • Online Medicare & DVA Claiming.

  • SMS.

  • BNPL Payments.

  • Customer Feedback.

  • Optomate Notifications.

  • Patient Registrations.

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