Trusted and Reliable Technology Built for Innovative Practices of all Sizes

Designed with you in mind, the Optomate Practice Management & eHealth Record system will simplify your workflow for a better patient experience.

The latest Optomate Touch Series, coupled with Monkey Web Services, our secure Microsoft Azure cloud platform, integrate to provide a powerful end-to-end solution.

As a team of dedicated software developers & support staff, we’re committed to advancing the practice of eye care through innovative technology. Our solutions are designed to support the needs of practices, like yours, so that you can stay on top of constantly evolving regulations, security requirements and patient expectations.

With over 25 years providing Optometry Practice Management Solutions in Australia & New Zealand, we’re in the business of making the complex simple. With robust features and integrations with many optometry equipment & software vendors, we’re the most widely used Practice Management and eHealth Records solutions provider in the industry. We value innovation and aim to stay responsive to the needs of our industry. We’re proud to support practices like yours.

Supporting over 1,500 optical practices in Australia & New Zealand, and more than 6,000 daily users
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