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Optical Practice Management & Electronic Health Records


Multiple Practices

The Optomate Touch PMS/EHR system in inherently multi-branch aware and supports an Enterprise environment enabling you to run as many branch locations as you wish from a central server, running a single database.

Enter or import stock items once. A single record, such as a stock item, stores individual attributes like pricing and stock levels for each individual branch. Enterprise (multi-branch) is not just about entering a branch indentifier against a stock record or displaying a colour dependent on branch chosen, it's far more intricate than that. We have developed our multi-branch capabilities over 13 years to provide your business with a powerful Enterprise level solution.


Optomate Technology Multiple Practices

Physical Server

Run Windows Server 2003, 2008 or 2012 utilising Remote Desktop Services to connect securely to your central Optomate Touch application.

Virtual Server (V-Server)

The alternative to running a physical Server is to go V-Server. Our customised V-Server technology allows you to pay-per-user login where your Optomate Touch application is hosted in a secure Australian data centre. for more information please click here.