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Optical Practice Management & Electronic Health Records


The Monkey Software Web Services Platform (dubbed “MWS”) is now live and has moved to Production.

MWS has been built within the Microsoft Azure "Platform as a Service" (PaaS), utilising Australian-based Servers ensuring compliancy with Australian privacy laws and providing you with the highest level of data integrity, security and access speed.

In addition to the standard security layer supplied by Microsoft, Optomate Touch connects to MWS using an RSA encrypted Token (Composite Key) that expires every 3 minutes. In addition, a Monkey Token is used for all public MWS calls utilising an AES encrypted token that expires every 60 minutes.

Stage 1
Includes the hosting of Australian Postcodes & the latest Medicare Benefit Schedule. Optomate Touch Release 1.9.5, now available, is now connected to MWS and sources Postcodes & MBS directly from our platform resulting in faster data delivery to your Optomate Touch database.

Stage 2
Support for Frames, Sunglasses, Lenses & Contact Lenses eCatalogues, currently in production. Frame suppliers now have access to a secure browser-based application that is connected directly to MWS. Due for release in June 2020.

Stage 3
New Spectacle Lens & Contact Lens generic Ordering platform. Due for release 2020 July-September Quarter.

Stage 4
New Online Medicare & DVA claiming platform. Due for release 2020 October-December Quarter.